Today’s smartphones have recording technology that can rival some stand-alone cameras and can be amazing tools for content creation, particularly for small business owners or up-and-coming online influencers, and the popularity of video-sharing applications like TikTok or Instagram’s Reels feature can make reaching an audience easier than ever. Make sure you’re making the best content you can with these tips.

Check Your Settings

Even if your phone has a top-of-the-line built-in camera, its default settings might mean you’re not recording the highest quality video you could. After thinking about where your content is most likely to be viewed and what settings will ensure the best viewing experience, check to see if your phone’s recording settings match those goals.

Most phones come with a range of high-definition and 4K formats, as well as a few different frame rates to choose from based on how you want your content to feel. When selecting your definition and frame rates make sure you check your phone’s memory capacity as well: the higher the definition and frame rate, the larger the recorded file will be.

Get the Right Framing

Traditionally, films have been shot in a landscape (horizontal) orientation, but many modern social media sites favor a portrait (or vertical) orientation for their video content. When preparing to shoot your content, take time to consider where you think your target audience will be watching your video. If it’s most likely to be consumed on your own site, Facebook, or YouTube, a landscape orientation will be fine, but if you’re shooting for an Instagram audience or one using a social media site’s stories feature, you’ll be better off filming in portrait orientation. If your content is likely to be viewed across many platforms, consider using two phones to record simultaneously in both orientations.

Invest in the Right Equipment 

To up the ante on your filmed content, consider investing in some basic phone filming equipment. Taking advantage of a tripod as opposed to filming freehand can make a significant difference in the professional quality of your final product. Lighting products, like ring lights, also offer a more polished edge to your content. To take your content a step further, look into video editing software that can allow you to add effects and filters, as well as adjust settings to fix any problems resulting from your filming environment.

Filming content to promote your brand or business is a great way to engage with modern audiences. Utilizing these basic suggestions can help to elevate your content and make it that much more effective.