It is important for all employees to be productive, but it is especially essential for those who work for a small business. This is because smaller companies tend to have fewer workers, so the value that each employee brings to their team is felt more profoundly across the company. Here are some productivity tips for small business employees and owners.

Invest in Technology Resources

Although the initial cost of investing in technology can be quite high, the payoffs are well worth the price. Technology is a key way to allow employees to “work smarter, not harder.” Some key benefits include:

  • The ability to work more efficiently by allowing automated processes to take over when they are able 
  • Better cost efficiency by permitting team members to work from home, as well as focus on higher-level tasks that bring more profit to the company 
  • Greater collaboration through investment in video and chat platforms and tools that permit users to update a document in real-time 
  • The reduction of security risks to software systems, including protection against hacking, phishing, and malware attacks that can distract workers from time spent being productive 

Consider which technology products would help your business.

Establish Accountability Goals

Workers are often more engaged and enthusiastic when they know exactly what is expected of them. Setting up daily, weekly or monthly goals can help keep employees on schedule and motivate them to complete tasks early. If appropriate, having things such as leaderboards that display individual or team output can be a fun way to encourage productivity.

Reward Employees

Although monetary compensation is the most important way to let employees know that they are valued, it can be nice to do something special for workers who exceed their productivity goals. Verbal recognition in a team meeting or an invitation to a nice lunch are a couple of good ways to do this. When employees know that managers notice and appreciate their hard work, they are more likely to keep it up.

Welcome Feedback

Seeking feedback from employees on things that can help them be more productive is also extremely helpful. Send out anonymous surveys or speak to team members one-on-one to gather constructive criticism about the working environment and task assignments. Utilize this feedback in a way that can help everyone in the company.

If you own a small business, you know how important it is to be productive. Consider some of these methods to increase productivity in the workplace.