Effective business teams are more than groups of people working under the same roof or for the same company. Creating effective teamwork and building winning business teams can be challenging but it is so important. 

What is the Value of a Winning Team? 

Winning business teams are groups of people who achieve superior results benefitting an organization and its customers. As Dave Kerpen stated, “The difference between success and failure is a great team.” Michael Jordan put it this way, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” 

Winning business teams solve problems more effectively. They bring new ideas to fruition. Winning teams create and maintain a more enjoyable working environment, build morale and reduce turnover. They increase work efficiency, resulting in getting more done. They increase collective learning leading to increased individual and collective accountability. They help keep organizations focused on their goals. 

How to Build Winning Business Teams 

It is possible to build winning business teams using these tips: 

Create a shared vision of what a company needs to accomplish and set common (and specific) goals that are well-understood and embraced. That helps people understand where they are going and how to get there. Make sure that expected results are well-defined.

Involve all the members of the team in building a team-focused environment. Get people to commit to the team. Acknowledge everyone’s varied talents and contributions. 

Develop an action plan that includes deadlines and accountabilities. 

Establish the operating “rules” for the organization. Help team members understand their roles and how they fit together. 

Take a team “pulse” periodically to help leaders monitor and assess the progress and strength of the team. 

Build and sustain dialogue to benefit the whole company. 

Do teambuilding activities, have fun together, and celebrate success to create vitality for the company.  

Exhibit and focus on strong leadership. 

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